Passersby investigate a giant Rubik's Cube and get more than they bargained for. A sinister magician sucks them into a surreal puzzle world where they must alter their vision of reality to escape.

The Trick is a multi-channel short film designed to screen in an immersive four screen video room. Surrounded on all sides, the viewer takes on the perspective of being inside the cube. A single screen edition is also available.

TRT: 9:23

RATIO: 1x1 square (inset within a 16x9 or 4x3 frame)


four channel edition:
4x 720p HD (or 480p SD)

single screen edition:
1080p HD

Director's Statement

The Trick plays a game of 'Quantum Vaudeville', an invitation to its players to find an 'answer' to the puzzle without knowing the question. Embracing a state of indeterminacy leads to altered perceptions and creates a new pathway out of the maze. But the maze inside and the normal world outside are connected and in fact one in the same. Distance, Scale and Space are all an illusion, created by the context of limited perception. In the end, Cube, Puzzle, and Player are all connected, all intermingled. Only by grasping this paradox can the Players traverse from one level to another and 'escape'. They succeed in configuring an answer out of their intermingled selves but as the Magician hints, the real kernel is in figuring out the question.

I want to make films which I do not fully understand. Films that are beyond the horizon of what I can comprehend in my current stage of psychological development as a human being, that are instead experiments which will only years later fully reveal their larger meaning to me. It has already happened with some of my earlier work and it is the strangest yet most exciting feeling, as if I was having a dialog with a past self across time.

    - Miska Draskoczy